Short Story

Anino(Maikling Kwento)

Sabi nila ang problema raw ay balakid lamang para subukan kung gaano katatag ang ating pagmamahal sa tao. Ngunit bakit ganito? Kung isa lang ang lumalaban, may saysay pa ba ang paglaban niya para lang maisalba ang pag-iibigan? Hanggang kailan magpapakatanga ang isang tao kung ang mismong mga mata na ang nakakakita ng pagtataksil, kung… Continue reading Anino(Maikling Kwento)


How to Counteract Gossips with a Class

GOSSIPING Gossiping may be natural to us as we are considered social beings. We normally talk to and about people. And it is not bad to talk either. However, the motives of talking can be either bad or good. When the motive is bad, that makes it unlawful. (for there are anti-chismis ordinance/s at some towns… Continue reading How to Counteract Gossips with a Class

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Poetic Proposal

I am always dreaming and wishing for the time when finally someone will kneel in front of me and say the magic words and I will reply him the most beautiful word "yes". This remains as a  hope inked in my heart. I'll wait for that majestic moment of my life.  But for now, let's… Continue reading Poetic Proposal


I am Home(Filipino Home)

When I see colourful flowers attracting butterflies to its pollens; When I hear birds chirping on those towering trees; When I smell the fresh fragrance of this earthly surrounding; and When I see nipa huts in everywhere; I know I am home. When chickens chant "cock-a-doodle-doo" at dawn; When hungry goats sing "me-me-me-me-me"; When a… Continue reading I am Home(Filipino Home)