How to Counteract Gossips with a Class


Ultracrepidarian. Cheap people who know nothing yet they keep on giving their nonsense judgements. Shame on you bitches! Do you even know the value of pi?

Gossiping may be natural to us as we are considered social beings. We normally talk to and about people. And it is not bad to talk either. However, the motives of talking can be either bad or good. When the motive is bad, that makes it unlawful. (for there are anti-chismis ordinance/s at some towns in the Philippines) Like spreading false information to ruin your image.  

chismis: gossip

There are no days when groups of people will stop gossiping about us. These people who see our lives as more interesting than theirs, they contribute to the number of animal species whose role in the ecosystem of mankind is the predator. These are parasites who hunt prey to satisfy their human appetite. A prey is subject to be eaten by the predators through their swelled head mouth and be shared to its neighbors’ backyards. They eat prey until the only thing that is left are the bones to be fossilized with the passing of time. Cruel indeed. How can they see the beauty of the prey when they hunt only for their motive of satisfying their human appetite? Hunt and eat while they can and when they have. Take it slow people. Be afraid of gluttony. Anything abused is a sin. There are no benefits of such acts, only negative consequences. Remember the golden rule:

Do to others what you want them to do unto you.


And the nature of KARMA:

What goes around comes around.

If you do not believe on these things, then at least 

be a woman with good reputations from and to all other woman.

Remember not to stay down to the levels of this kind of people. If we can, we have to step down to them and help them step up from that position. Whatever discomforts you may face, you must handle it with a class. Chin up and walk straight to the right path! 

There are those people who like us and those people who don’t. And trying to please those people who don’t like us is so much for us to handle so just focus with our life and be happy.


No woman deserves humilation out of nonsense judgements from nonsense people. We must know how to counteract the gossips about us even if it’s true or not. Here are tips of handling gossips with a class:

  1. Since some towns have ordinance about this, if a gossip about you spreads , let the law take over the problem; 
  2. If you are walking at the corridor or in the aisle of your office and people are looking at you from head to toe, look at them straight in their eyes and walk as if you are the Miss Universe. If you think you cannot stop them from talking about you, irritate them harder by doing that. [This is only for those women who accepted their flaws that no one can use it against them.];
  3. If you hear your classmates or officemates talking about you, walk normally in front of them like you did not see or heard them talking about you. You’ll see how they react to your presence. They will pretend as is if they changed the topic;
  4.  You have to act normal in your environment. Do not let your negative emotions consume you. If you do, they will just assume that you are guilty of the accusations even if its not true and that will just worsen the situation;  
  5. When someone asks you if the gossip is true, you have to give them indirect answers. Like for example they ask you if you had s*x with your boss. You have to respond like this “My work is more important than his penis but I would like to try that sometime.” The first independent clause shows the answer to the question and the second one shows a respond to the gossip they spread which is of course, meant as a joke. Do not take the gossip seriously; 
  6. Do not take things seriously as if that gossip will end your life. Doing nothing is actually the most powerful action you can do. As time pass by, that gossip will naturally die and when that time comes, you should have already proved to everyone that their judgements are wrong. And the most powerful proof is your success.
You have to give them the benefit of the doubt and success is your sweetest revenge and slap to those people who did not believe you. You deserve a crown for that.

The things I mentioned may not be applicable to all and counteracting gossip may be hard but

No one can help you better than yourself because you know yourself better than anyone.  

So it depends on you on how will you survive it.

Even if we are not descendants of Kings and Queens, we must have a royalty class just like them.

Be a woman with dignified goals and purpose.

Stop spreading rumors!


5 thoughts on “How to Counteract Gossips with a Class”

  1. You know.. gossiping is a natural thing amongst friends.. and family.

    I believe in This saying “it’s none of your business what people Say about you “…

    Some things are just not meant for your ears…

    We just have to learn to stop the circle..
    anytime someone chooses to tell something that someone has to say about me…

    I just shrug it off.. and say..
    it’s wasn’t meant for me to know..

    It’s just the way we socialize sometimes..
    No harm meant..
    Just conversations between friends

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    1. yes, that is exactly what I wanted to show on this article. I also do it that way but there are also persons who are sensitive with this matter and they do not deal with the gossip as how we deal with it. That is why we must also be considerate with their feelings as well as they must learn how to counteract them like how we do it

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  2. When I was young I used to feel crucified by gossip, (no matter whether it was real or imagined). I used to care so much what people thought or might be saying about me. Thankfully, with age, and life giving me bigger things to worry about, I care less and less what others may or may not be saying about me. I guess I am growing in to my own skin and therefore am more confident in myself than to let the opinions of others hurt me in the same way. That said, I remember what it was like when I used to be crippled by it, and so I think you are so right in your comment to suggest we try and be considerate of people when talking about them, as sensitive souls can be hurt greatly by careless tongues and we cannot know the harm we may cause to another if we do not show this consideration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important subject.

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