Love and Tears

Roller coster words for bitter and sweet people today! Happy Valentine’s Day

“If you want to know her soul, look at where her eyes are when you catch her smiling” – Lang Leav
Trust is very expensive thing. Made with high quality and will break your heart to pay
Come and I’ll make you a cup of tea.
He’s mine and I am not sharing him. Sometimes, we have to be selfish to keep the precious ones
I hate to see you smile while I’m still bleeding. It’s like you already moved on in nanosecond time.
Let’s stop hurting ourselves. Let’s learn the art of letting go.
Now what?
The fact is that, I cannot really forget what we’ve done. What’s hurting me is the fact that my feelings for you still alive and kickin’ and I hate it so much!
A condition that will hold you to keep yet it’s also a condition that is hard to keep
I’m inlove! I’m waiting for that moment.
I would keep him forever if ever.

P.S. Pictures and words  are mine


2 thoughts on “Love and Tears”

  1. Wow 😳!!! Girl..
    I love how you love.. love.
    They are all so sentimental and inspiring…

    The heart ❤️ wants what it wants..
    and holding on gives so much joy that you want to savor that profound joy as long as you can..

    The sweetest hurt there is..

    Liked by 1 person

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