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Valentine’s Day Dream

​An advance story for Valentines dedicated just for you! Happy Valentines!

Written last Febraury 14, 2016

HI! © to the right owner 

Today is Sunday. It’s the 14th of February. I know it’s valentines. Maybe it is the sweetest celebration of the year for lovers. It is the day they spend time to be with their special someone to show their love, to show appreciation, to say thank you and to feel that they are loved back. It is undoubtedly the day where parks, restaurants, cinemas, arcades and malls are full. What places will they find most relaxing and enjoying with the people they love than these? I guess it is the usual perspective of people. Having a date on these places makes the day extra special for them. No wonder this is also the day where flowers, chocolates and teddy bears are ruling the market stocks. Yeah. The usual gifts girls receive from their special someone. And they were so thankful of course for receiving such life size teddy bears, a dozen of red roses and oh so sweet chocolates! Who would never feel that way anyway? Maybe it feels good to experience such thing. You know throughout my teenage years, I never experienced anything mentioned above on a valentine’s day. I never received anything. I guess it is not bad to expect material things on a valentine’s day since it is already the tradition and we can hardly get out from that fact. But still I know that the material things should not overshadow the true meaning of Valentine’s Day where love is the theme. Those are just accompaniments in expressing the love and it is never bad at all. It is even sweet of them I guess. 

Everyone has their own vision on what a perfect valentine is. Perfect yes, a perfect valentine. I’ll use the word perfect because it is what we think will be the best and will satisfy our grants. Maybe having a date on a theme park is the perfect date for others. It can also be watching movie on a cinema, or having dinner at a restaurant. But I know most of us spend valentines at home. Wherever it is, that is not important as long as you are together with your love one/s and you are enjoying the moment.
As a hopeful girl who dreamt a colourful life, I always have my own vision of a perfect valentine. You know it is very hard for me to accept the reality because I always imagined things that are very far from my real life. If I cannot do it in reality, at least I can voice it out through my writings. Still, it is not yet the end. I will always be hopeful that what I wanted will come into reality in the most perfect time, at the most perfect place and with the most perfect person. 

“I woke up from the noise coming from my room. I roam my eyes around the place and I see light turning on and turning off repeatedly. It is on the desk beside my bed. It is my cell phone. Someone is calling me this early. I look at the screen and I saw his name on it. It is just two in the morning. I ask myself “why?” someone answered me “look outside your window.” It is then I realize that I said it out loud. I am still half asleep. “Wake up baby. I have something for you. Look outside your window.” He said one more time. I replied him a hum. I stand and walk to my window. And I saw him there… standing with his car… smiling at me. I smiled back. “Will you go out with me in the middle of the night?” he said on the phone “No. I am still sleepy.” I answered “Oh come on baby.” “Psh. Why are you still asking me? You know I love doing that.” He just said I love you. “I love you too.”
I can already feel the cold wind wrapping around my body. I can see lights at the empty dark streets. No noisy sounds around, only ours. We are making annoying sound of our car’s horn to the silent streets of the noisy city at day. No one will approach you and complain. This is our freedom from the crazy world at day. I can now see the bridge. I open the car’s window. And then I stand with half of my body outside the car. And then we approach the bridge. I widely open my arms. I am embracing the wind, feeling the coldness and enjoying the moment. I am flying! I look above and no other things than the twinkling stars in the sky. I look inside. I see my only one. He looked back at me. Exchanging smiles melt my heart so fast. I look up straight. Nothing’s approaching. We rule the world… only us. 

The sun rises on the horizon.
Waves sweep little creatures.
Wind wraps around our souls.
The sound of the breeze.
Four foot prints in a row.
Two hands intertwined. 
Our solitude.

We just arrived at a lodge on a nearby province. It’s my first time here but it makes me feel like home by the green surrounding. Large trees and fresh air surrounds me. I miss living with this kind of place. It was just nearly 7 o’clock. I lie on the bed, grab his arm and he lays beside me. Then he wraps me in his arms. 

The alarm is buzzing.

The windows to my soul opened.

The water flows on my body.

Perfect air surrounds me.

Formal dresses and black ties,

Black shoes and heels,

Red heart and red roses,

It is the motif of the day.

Flowers smell best at the locus.

At the center is a large tent.

Flock started to gather inside.

And the rhythm of love echoes.

Hearing the words of my Love,

Inspiring words that have been proven,

Overflowing with love and joy.

I sing a song in return.

I am feeling the love.

Granting peace with each other,

Expressing gratitude with red roses,

And kneel to say thank you.

The time has finally come.

I sing You one last song

Before I truly give You my red heart.

I bestow it upon you.

I went outside the tent.

Making sure You are with me.

Embracing me from behind.

I will never leave You as You never leave me.

It is the day of our little cupid and a holy day. We started cupid’s day a holy one. Exchanging our greetings with each other and flattering our hearts. The mass was filled of love.
Our car traverses unfamiliar places – unoccupied and crowded ones. Am I afraid? No. I have him. He will never get me into something dark. I trust him and I know him. He is full of surprises. 

He parked the car in front of a hill. My jaw dropped when I saw the place. The bottom of the hill is filled with yellow flowers. Its steep is surrounded by grass and at the top of it is a large tree – the last one standing. He stood beside me. I look at him and he is already staring at me. I just grab his neck and kiss him. No words can explain what I feel. He kisses me back. We hug each other, feeling each other’s love. Just saying our “I love you”. We hold each other’s hand while we  walk through the flowers. He picked one and put it onto my right ear. He just smiled at me. I grip his hand tightly. And now we are here at the middle of the hill. He stopped me and put a blindfold on my eyes. He guides my steps as we walk. Then he stopped me once again. I felt that he goes somewhere. And I am waiting. I called him but he is not answering. I called him once again and still no response. I am to unfold the blindfold when someone grabbed my hands fast that it makes a sound. My heartbeat began to pound fast. I began to catch my breath. And finally, someone unfolded the blindfold. 

I think I am crazy.

Why am I smiling endlessly?

And I am continuously hearing this beat.

This syndrome gives my body a heat.

It’s been years since I heard this beat.

And still running on like a repeat.

But I do not want it to stop.

It’s giving me joy through its rap.

This beat is an addiction.

I am thankful in whatever reason.

Even if this beat will give me a distraction,

I still love it because it is a gift from a special person.

I hope to have this syndrome forever.

It makes me experience a roller coaster.

Exciting and is long to be over.

Thank you for making my heart beat the same as ever.

My tears start to fall down. Amazement filled my heart. Nothing is more special than these:

Yum! © the right owner  

A bouquet of red roses,

A dozen of chocolates,

A life size teddy bear,

A love letter, 

A romantic place,

A candlelight dinner,

A love song,

A romantic dance,

A dream;

A wish;

A hope.

You came,

then it came true.”

Surprise! Are you expecting something not usual? Yes, this is a perfect valentine for me. Doing the usual things others are also doing. It is because I also dreamt of experiencing the same thing on earth. I am amazed but at the same time jealous when I see things like this that is why I also want to experience such thing. It is a shared experience with the people around the world. But one thing is unique from each; it is the character in each scenario. The uniqueness of their feelings and emotions makes it so. It is only the characters that change but the situation is the same. 

That is it…My vision of a valentine’s day, commonly unique. I’ll wait … for the right time… by not trying too hard. No desperate moves. I’ll let it be serendipitous.
Thank you for reading!


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