I am Home(Filipino Home)

When I see colourful flowers attracting butterflies to its pollens;
When I hear birds chirping on those towering trees;
When I smell the fresh fragrance of this earthly surrounding; and
When I see nipa huts in everywhere;
I know I am home.

When chickens chant “cock-a-doodle-doo” at dawn;
When hungry goats sing “me-me-me-me-me”;
When a crow echoes its “uwwak-uwwak-uwwak” at twilight; and
When the sound of the night goes “kroo-kroo-kroo”; 
I know I am home.

When in morning my father brings home his self-caught “tilapya”;
When my mother brings home a basket full of “kangkong”, “sitaw” and “kalabasa”;
When my grandmother brings home fresh picked mangga, corn and papaya; and
When my brother brings home mud from his boots;
I know I am home.

When elders gather at dirty kitchen, a simple lunch will become a feast;
When the smoke trails coming from the kitchen disappear, foods are about to be served; and
When we eat with no spoon and fork – everything is finger licking good; 
I know I am home.

When I see women doing laundry in the river;
When I see neighbors gathering at our nipa mansion to gossip;
When I see children in their feet ready to conquer those streets;
When I read pocket books with my childhood friends;
When I turn on the radio and listen to country songs while napping; and
When I see men cooking duck for their appetizer while drinking;
I know I am home.

When I feel the vibrant life of people surrounding me;
When I feel the happy souls of innocent children; 
When I see simplicity in everywhere I look; and
When I feel happy and at ease;
I know I am already home.


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